Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your data come from?

Our data comes from a wide variety of sources such as online transactions, subscriptions, trade shows and prize pots, this is what makes our email lists so varied. Our business contacts are checked against the companies house database to ensure a good match between contacts details and the company. Our consumers have all opted in to receiving email marketing during various online activities, such as placing orders, entering prize draws, online questionnaires and subscription forms.

Who are the business contacts on your file?

For our business data, we only hold decision makers – mainly seniors – so you can expect to see Directors, Managing Directors, CEO’s etc as well as departmental decision makers such as IT Managers, HR Managers etc.

How often do you clean the data?

We cleanse our data every 30 days, during this process every email address is checked to ensure that it is active and able to receive emails.

Are your contacts opted in? Can you provide me with date and time stamps?

All of our contacts have opted into receiving third party emails. We have date and time stamps for all of our opt-ins but we do not provide them with the data. Should a contact which to see the date and time stamp of their opt in, please send them our details and we will provide them with it directly.

Are there any guarantees?

No reputable data company will offer any ‘guarantees’ on the data, but what we do instead is oversupply all of our data by 10%. This more than allows for any natural decay in the data between our monthly cleans. If you receive higher than a 10% hard bounce rate, we would look at replacing the data or offering you a pro-rate refund.

Are there any restrictions on the data?

You cannot re-sell the data, but apart from that no, the data is for outright purchase and sold on an unlimited license.

Can I have a sample?

Absolutely, we encourage our clients to take samples before they purchse. You can take a look at a generic sample here – this will show you how the data will look, or get in touch to ask for an update sample complete with email addresses.

How do I send to my data?

We’re data experts, we’re not and will never claim to be delivery experts. To send to the data you will need to use a fit for purpose ESP, or use your own internal methods. You cannot send to prospect data through your gmail, hotmail or outlook accounts. If you’re new to prospect marketing we can offer you some advice on where to begin, best practices and ESP’s who accept prospect data.

What does the data look like?

You can take a look at a sample of our data here.

How to I pay for my file?

All payments are taken securely via PayPal, we use PayPal as it offers both buyer and seller protection. You do not need a PayPal account, you can use this gateway to pay securely with your credit or debit card.

When will I receive my data?

Once your payment clears we will send your data out straight away. We work Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (GMT) so if you place your order outside of these times, you will receive your data on the next working day.

Can you help me with worldwide data?

We only sell UK data, so we’re unable to help you with data for other countries.

My requirements are very specific, can you help?

We can target our data by many demographics, but try to be realistic. We can’t target by dog owners who walk their pet between 6pm-8pm, or by knitting clubs in Slough. Our Business data can be targeted by region, company size, job role and industry. Our Consumer data can be targeted by age, region, gender, income or living status.

Can you target by consumers interests?

We’re unable to target our consumer by interests, we can target them by age, region, gender, income or living status.

How is your data priced?

All of our data is priced at a cost per thousand records, starting from £1 per thousand for Consumer data and £5 per thousand for Business data.  Our packaged data is priced based on this and includes a 20-30% package discount.

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